The ola backend

This backend connects the MIDIMonster to the Open Lighting Architecture daemon. This can be useful to take advantage of additional protocols implemented in OLA. This backend is currently marked as optional and is only built with make full in the backends/ directory, as the OLA is a large dependency to require for all users.

Global configuration

This backend does not take any global configuration.

Instance configuration

Option Example value Default value Description
universe 7 0 OLA universe to send/receive data on

Channel specification

A channel is specified by it’s universe index. Channel indices start at 1 and end at 512.

Example mapping:

ola1.231 < in2.123

A 16-bit channel (spanning any two normal 8-bit channels in the same universe, also called a wide channel) may be mapped with the syntax

ola1.1+2 > net2.5+123

A normal channel that is part of a wide channel can not be mapped individually.

Known bugs / problems

The backend currently assumes that the OLA daemon is running on the same host as the MIDIMonster. This may be made configurable in the future.

This backend requires libola-dev to be installed, which pulls in a rather large and aggressive (in terms of probing and taking over connected hardware) daemon. It is thus marked as optional and only built when executing the full target within the backends directory.