The artnet backend

The ArtNet backend provides read-write access to the UDP-based ArtNet protocol for lighting fixture control.

Art-Net™ Designed by and Copyright Artistic Licence Holdings Ltd.

Global configuration

Option Example value Default value Description
bind 6454 none Binds a network address to listen for data. This option may be set multiple times, with each interface being assigned an index starting from 0 to be used with the interface instance configuration option. At least one interface is required for transmission.
net 0 0 The default net to use

Instance configuration

Option Example value Default value Description
net 0 0 ArtNet net to use
universe 0 0 Universe identifier
destination none Destination address for sent ArtNet frames. Setting this enables the universe for output
interface 1 0 The bound address to use for data input/output

Channel specification

A channel is specified by it’s universe index. Channel indices start at 1 and end at 512.

Example mapping:

net1.231 < net2.123

A 16-bit channel (spanning any two normal 8-bit channels in the same universe, also called a wide channel) may be mapped with the syntax

net1.1+2 > net2.5+123

A normal channel that is part of a wide channel can not be mapped individually.

Known bugs / problems